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Ellen H. Calvert

Author, Teacher, Psychologist

ELLEN HASENECZ CALVERT, a psychologist and prize winning poet, moved from her native New Jersey in 1989 to the Southwest. Ellen wrote her first book, Pilgrim: Tales of a Traveling Cat, from inside the head of the family’s cat. Her second book, Nine Goldfish in David’s Pond is the story of a young boy, a backyard pond, and the nine goldfish who invite him into their world. A bilingual Spanish translation of Nine Goldfish is now available. Her books are featured on Authorhouse.com, Amazon, and www.ellencalvert.com. Ellen may be reached at ellen.h.calvert@gmail.com she enjoys dedicating and signing copies of her books.

Nine Goldfish in David’s Pond a bilingual tale

by Ellen Hasenecz Calvert

Description: A bilingual story of the beauty of a backyard world and the ten beings who inhabit it: a young explorer, still on the cusp of discovering this private world, and the nine multicolored fish who will invite him into it, sharing it with him, teaching him, and making a connection with him as he learns to care for them. It is a soothing story illustrated with charming watercolors, ideal for the child learning responsibility for other living creatures in the world we share.


by Ellen Hasenecz Calvert

Description: Is a cat’s eye view of the life, ravels, and “hustler,” when he meets his new family in an of an urban feline sophisticate in the world of his favorite humans.Although only the uncharitable would call Pilgrim a “hustler,” when he meets his new family in ananimal shelter, he’s already in charge, riding on the vet’s shoulder. Pilgrim is clearly a “people” cat, but he’s still a cat and he’s soon running the new digs, defending his garden wall against intruders, falling down storm drains, devoting himself to his humans, and winning them —- and — us over.

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What Our Readers are Saying

I have read the book, and met the author. It’s a great children’s book for children and adults of all ages.

Nori Muster

Lovely book. Glad to ‘see’ you with your ‘treasure of a book’

Ethel Lee_Miller

What a lovely little book.

Mark Alastair Prescott

“Nine Goldfish in David’s Pond is a precious picture book for children. Watching fish in a pond is high on my list as one of the most peaceful,time out,things to do. Ellen Calvert describes the slow movement of fish through water and the illustrations by Diana Trucks Fleming further enhance the watery feel of this lovely children’s paperback book.
Look for Ms. Calvert’s Spanish edition of the same story(Hector Arias, Translator) for learning or teaching Spanish or English as both translations are stacked on each page for enhanced learning possibilities. A perfect bedtime story.

Claire Brandenburg, Author, Illustrator
The Cow Jumped Over The Moon, The Monk Who Grew Prayer

Clair Brandenburg

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